About us


We have started our activity in building and construction wooden panel and timber frame houses since 2000. Later on we established JSC Domus Export. As a company providing production, building and construction services we started our activity in 23 December 2009.


  • House design, commercial proposals.
  • Construction and building of wooden panel and timber frame houses.
  • Renovation of facades and replacement of windows
  • Construction of small extent metal systems for storage and industry.


Our mission is to provide high level products and services.


International company which works steadily and reliably and is attractive not only for clients, but as well for employees, and partners.


  • To increase the extent of production and export.
  • To improve the quality of products.
  • To meet the international technical requirements
  • To start implementing quality management system ISO 9001.
  • To improve employee productivity and conditions.


We became professionals as we were working with pleasure. Our aim is that both interested parties are satisfied with the final product. Our team is united by a common attitude towards the process of construction and building and a common understanding about communication with people. We are honest and expect our clients to be the same. As a growing company we seek for profit; however, good reputation stands in the first place. Pleasant and open communication is concurrent with our activity.

Svajūnas Sagaitis           
Co-owner / CEO