Frequently asked questions

1 Are the wooden panel houses long-lasting?

Yes, they are. But we have to bear in mind that house maintenance stands in the first place. There are lots of wooden panel houses in Germany and United Kingdom which were built in eighteenth – nineteenth century. The oldest wooden panel building, which is still functioning in our days, is a Buddhist temple in Ikaruga (Japan). This temple was built in the end of seventh century.

2 Is it possible to adjust the present house project to a project of a wooden panel house?

Of course it is possible. Overall, it is possible to adjust all projects to a panel house project. We are glad to say that panel constructions or constructions from balks allow us to fulfill even the most complicated dreams of an architect. Before starting construction, a project of planned work will be designed, or in other words all the details of constructive graphics will be communicated to you. All projects are fulfilled under the Technical Construction Regulations of the Republic of Lithuania and EuroCode Standards.

3 Is it possible to build a house on my own?

Yes, it is possible. All the construction can be delivered to your building site; all the necessary instructions of construction will be provided to you as well. What is more, we may supervise the process upon your request. However, in this case the guarantee is provided only for building materials, not for construction services. Other possibilities are feasible, e.g. we provide you with agreed house configuration, we construct the structural part of a house, and you do the other tasks on your own.

4 What is the price of a project of an individual house?

The architectural part of a project usually starts from 1400 EUR. However, the price depends on the difficulty of a house and on qualification of an architect. As a rule, typical projects are cheaper.
It has to be noted that before buying or ordering a project of a house, it has to be adjusted to the present building site, as not all projects may suit your site.

Benefits of timber frame houses

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